Call for Short Term Consultants, Terms of Reference for External Evaluation

Myanmar’s education sector has been neglected over many decades and is facing a series of challenges, one of which is the important dropout rate from formal schooling system (30% dropped out after primary school and 85% after high school). At present, over 5 million school-age children and young people are out of the schooling system with serious literacy problems.

The Ministry of Education has released in 2017 its National Education Strategic Plan and strives with its partners to reform the education system and address literacy and high dropout rates. This reform includes among other things, curriculum development in national and ethnic languages, training of teachers, vocational and alternative education.

Enhancing children’s’ literacy is a collective responsibility which requires the involvement of informal stakeholders such as community libraries which can provide a learning environment to schools, communities and other education stakeholders

This 2-year project aimed to increase the reading literacy of approximately 5’000 children and the readership of 30’000 community children by developing and promoting reading activities led by 60 community libraries in 13 regions of Myanmar.

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